Natural Eye Cream with Camel Milk

Our eye contour cream is made of camel milk, rich in nano-body immunoglobulins. When those antibodies pass deep into the skin layers, they work as a natural antiseptic, fighting infections, stimulating micro-circulation, and helping the skin to regenerate and repair. The beeswax in the cream creates a protective barrier, holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Your eyes shine from younger-looking skin that stays clear and protected.

One Of A Kind Natural Eye Cream

What happens when you combine the exceptional qualities of camel milk with bio-availability and nanobody technology?

You get a one of a kind, eye contour cream that is light years ahead of all the other eye creams, a formula so smooth and soft that it is like no other eye cream available.

Dab gently under your eyes and you’ll find that our eye cream absorbs fully and immediately, leaving no oily mess.

The Magic Of Camel Milk

The fundamental feature of camel milk is its bio-availability. Camel milk can uniquely penetrate the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) and reach the vascular dermis. This means that the bio-active properties of the milk, and the naturally healing ingredients that we add to our cream, can penetrate deeper into the skin than any other cosmetic products.

Damage Repair

Turn back time as the vitamin b in the camel milk repairs damaged cells. Use daily and your eyes will look brighter and you’ll feel younger!

Bye Bye Puffiness And Dark Circles

Our eye cream helps reduce puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet, eye bags, fine lines, and sagginess under and around the eyes.

Refresh And Regenerate

Rich in elastin, vitamin c and lanolin, camel milk’s unique molecular structure penetrates the lower layers of the skin and hair. It encourages cell regeneration, collagen production and moisture absorption more effectively than any other ingredient. You’ll feel – and see – the difference!

Super-protecting Eye Contour Cream

The beeswax in our eye cream creates a protective barrier over the skin, holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Unlike ingredients made from petroleum, beeswax doesn’t smother the skin and won’t clog pores. Your skin has never been better guarded.

The Natural Eye Cream You’ve Been Waiting For

Nanobody Technology

Camels produce natural nano-body immunoglobulins. These single domain antibodies are present in the raw milk and remain active in the creams. As the cream is applied, the antibodies pass smoothly into the skin layers. They penetrate the tissue, strengthen the local immune system and help to reduce inflammation. The presence of lysozyme, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins contribute to the milk’s natural antimicrobial effect. These antimicrobial agents act as a natural antiseptic, helping to prevent common skin infections such as “golden staph”.


Lactic acid is a natural alpha-hydroxy acid (aha) which aids in the reduction of wrinkles and softens the skin by encouraging the natural turnover of skin cells. Calcium helps to cleanse the pores and strengthen cell walls. The bio-availability of the camel milk in our creams allows the milk to penetrates to the vascular dermis, stimulate local micro-circulation and improve blood flow. The extra-oxygenated blood supply helps skin regeneration and repair.

Moisturizing and Softening

Cleopatra bathed daily in camel milk for a reason. The egyptian beauty knew that camel milk softens and rejuvenates the skin as its rich lanolin locks in the skin’s natural moisture and soothes inflammation.

Your Eye Contact Makes An Impression!

Every first impression begins with a look… a look into your eyes. Those eyes should declare your beauty, your vibrancy, your wonder. You don’t have to settle for dark rings and sagging skin. End eye puffiness and make a whole new impression.

Natural Eye Contour Cream With Camel Milk Will Keep Your Eyes Smiling

Our eye cream uses rare camel milk ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. Smile… and let the world see the joy in your eyes.

What Makes Us Different?

Our natural eye contour cream with camel milk uses rare and natural ingredients whose secrets have been passed from mother to daughter for generations. We’ve brought those natural secrets from the depths of the sahara desert to you.

Purity You Can Trust

Simple To Apply, Impossible To Beat

Applying our eye contour cream takes just a minute but the rejuvenating effects and the all-round protection last a long, long time. No other eye cream comes close.


Water, camel milk, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil, grape seed oil, shea oil, tocopherol, dmdm hydantoin, natural fragrance, propyl gallate, gallic acid, epigallocatechin gallate


Apply gently around the eyes, forehead and cheeks. For best results use each morning and evening.