Natural Hair Care

Natural Shampoo with Camel Milk

Hesa’s shampoo contains camel milk, a special ingredient that allows rich oils and vitamins to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticle, restoring minerals, and nourishing and healing your scalp.  Just massage gently in the bath, leave for a few minutes to cleanse and nurture, and enjoy stronger, thicker hair that looks great and feels wonderful.

Natural Conditioner with Camel Milk

Used for centuries by the nomads of the Sahara, camel milk’s unique ability to penetrate deep into the hair gives it a natural healing power that can repair locks damaged by strong sun and the harshest of conditions. Camel milk softens and rejuvenates. Its rich lanolin locks in the skin’s natural moisture and soothes inflammation. This natural beauty secret from the depths of the desert will make your hair feel richer than ever.

Natural Face Care

Eye Contour Cream with Camel Milk

Our eye contour cream is made of camel milk, rich in nano-body immunoglobulins. When those antibodies pass deep into the skin layers, they work as a natural antiseptic, fighting infections, stimulating micro-circulation, and helping the skin to regenerate and repair. The beeswax in the cream creates a protective barrier, holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Your eyes shine from younger-looking skin that stays clear and protected.

Natural Face Serum with Camel Milk

The camel milk in our face serum has a unique ability to penetrate the skin, delivering natural immunoglobulins directly to the body, reducing inflammation, strengthening the local immune system and acting as a natural antiseptic. The serum’s hyaluronic acid is nature’s most powerful water magnet, providing long-term hydration. It keeps your skin healthy, moisturized and radiant while argan oil protects it from environmental pollution and UV radiation. That’s triple-action perfection in one face serum.

Natural Face Cream with Camel Milk

When Cleopatra bathed each day in camel milk, the Queen of Egypt knew what she was doing. The milk’s rich lanolin softens and rejuvenates the skin, locking in natural moisture and soothing inflammation. Our unique face cream also includes chamomile oil to defend your skin against the harshest environments, and argan oil which protects the skin from UV radiation and improves elasticity. Apply daily for skin as smooth as the desert sands.

Hesa Face Lift Cream

The argan oil in our face lift mask contains a unique antioxidant that protects the skin against sunburn, hyperpigmentation and free radical damage. Combined with the moisturizing security of vitamin E, the anti-aging qualities of honey, and the smooth richness of gold, our natural face lifting mask slows collagen depletion, prevents damage from pollution and UV radiation, invigorates blood circulation, and smooths the deepest of facial lines.

Natural Body Care

Whipped Body Butter with Sacred Banias Water

Imagine a body butter whipped to perfection and made with the rarest of spring waters. Our Banias Body Butter uses a special air-whipping technology to guarantee complete absorption within seconds, and is made with the waters of Israel’s Banias river, a source with a neutral pH, low mineral composition and a calcium/magnesium ratio of 1.7. You get an all-natural cream that gives you softer, silkier and younger-looking skin.